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Locked Shopping Carts

In the burbs, I had never given it a thought that in urban settings, stolen shopping carts are a big deal and have been for a long time. In 1969 a Chicago supermarket owner Anthony Dinolfo was so enraged by the volume … Continue reading

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Look Up!

From an early age, our vision is “cued.” We perceive what we are looking at through size relationships, shadows, orientation, and a whole host of other interactions. A famous optical illusion is Roger Shepard’s tables. The table tops below are … Continue reading

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Big Tree – Little Tree – Holiday Trains

While living in the suburbs, Christmas time meant a lot of wreaths, garland and trees. Bigger houses mean stair rails to decorate, front and side doors, and 7-10 ft Christmas trees. In the city of Chicago, the lights and sounds … Continue reading

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Chicago Lake Front – Raise Money and Walk for Causes Important to You

With Fall almost over, the Chicago lake front events are winding down. With it’s vast walkways and vistas it is a great place for groups to have fund raising walks for causes near and dear to those who attend. Until … Continue reading

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