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Locked Shopping Carts

In the burbs, I had never given it a thought that in urban settings, stolen shopping carts are a big deal and have been for a long time. In 1969 a Chicago supermarket owner Anthony Dinolfo was so enraged by the volume … Continue reading

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Look Up!

From an early age, our vision is “cued.” We perceive what we are looking at through size relationships, shadows, orientation, and a whole host of other interactions. A famous optical illusion is Roger Shepard’s tables. The table tops below are … Continue reading

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Big Tree – Little Tree – Holiday Trains

While living in the suburbs, Christmas time meant a lot of wreaths, garland and trees. Bigger houses mean stair rails to decorate, front and side doors, and 7-10 ft Christmas trees. In the city of Chicago, the lights and sounds … Continue reading

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Chicago Lake Front – Raise Money and Walk for Causes Important to You

With Fall almost over, the Chicago lake front events are winding down. With it’s vast walkways and vistas it is a great place for groups to have fund raising walks for causes near and dear to those who attend. Until … Continue reading

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You Are Never First

Long gone are my suburban days when I can run into the store for a quick pick up of something for dinner. Ditto for deciding to go out to dinner at that last minute on a Friday or Saturday night. In … Continue reading

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The “L” or “El” Getting around Chicago on public transportation

  The  “L” or “El”  –  In other big cities around the world, the core public train systems are known as subways, underground, metra rails, etc, with neat icon symbols marking their entrances.        Not so in Chicago. The main … Continue reading

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Driving – Time of Day is Way More Important Than Miles

A common joke among Chicago residents is that there are only 2 seasons – construction and winter.  This just adds to the nightmare traffic around the city.  Chicago is home to 5 of the top 20 most congested roads in … Continue reading

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