Downsizing – Part 2, the move to the city

For those unfamiliar with the term “three-flat,” it is basically a city house that has long ago been divided up into 3 apartments.  For tax purposes, when I moved in, I became the “owner occupy” as I, along with my son, own the entire house which sits on a typical city lot with no yard at all. Most Chicago three-flats are very old – mine included which was built in 1881 – try finding such a building in the suburbs! And old in the city means crazy additions, narrow, winding stairwells, crumbling cement, tiny spaces between neighbors, and all sorts of obstacles for movers.

To move to such a building, I made sure I got a Chicago mover. I moved in late November on a cold winter day on a Saturday. I picked a Saturday for my convenience and in retrospect, it is the best day for a move to a city street as it proved to be a time with less traffic and a lot of street parking. As the truck followed me into the city on the Kennedy (I-190), I moved to the far left-hand lane where there was less traffic and wondered why he did not do the same. He called me on my cell and said trucks aren’t allowed in that lane in the city. Who knew??

It was late in the day when we finally got to the three-flat. The movers didn’t even flinch when faced with using the back decks to hoist furniture up to my unit and roof top deck. They came with their cables and winches and in a blink they had everything out of their truck and crammed into my 1,200 sq ft and were on there way. I on the other hand had boxes piled on boxes and mix-matched furniture. Little did I know that within 6 months, almost all the furniture they moved would be replaced – a very expensive brass rimmed, glass topped coffee table looked great in my Lake Forest home – but it my new funky 3-flat it was totally out of place.

About 3 days after my move-in. I put up a little Christmas tree to bring in some cheer.


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